Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Texans Shudder in the Final Seconds

Gather with friends... Eat some Chicago Chilli... (that is a bad sign). It was wonderful. Drank a few drinks and started watching the Texans v Titans.

There is so much history with these two teams. As everyone knows the Titans used to be the Oilers. Their demonic owner, Bud Adams, took the team to Nashville leaving the 4th largest city grasping and crying.

Now, they return. To top it off their q-back, Vince Young, was a Houston high school sensation. He led the University of Texas to the National Championship. We passed him up in the draft.

So.. do you feel the intesity?

Well we lost in the final seconds on a missed field goal by Kris Brown.

What more can I say? I just drove home after staying up late is a foul mood.

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