Monday, November 23, 2009

Self Publishing

To Self-Publish or not?

This seems like the best way to get Trena's book published. Even if we can't ever sell the copy then we can at least have it to show. "This is created by Trena" not everyone can claim that they wrote a book.

Self-publishing may be the way to go. We could actually have everything up and running for around $6,000. Then it would be up to us to sell it.

Was reading many sites that do this. Anyone know of any good sites to research? So far I have been impressed with

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  1. hi! you had posted a comment on my blog which led me to investigate who you are....which led me to be surprised by this post!! i'm currently considering the same exact thing!! weird! right now i'm also thinking that self-publishing is the way to go...even though "professionals" have told me otherwise, i think there are pros and cons to's not really about making money for's about kids across the country asking their parents to read my book to them before they go to cool is that?!?!? i'm so excited and currently waiting for a proposal from an agency...keep us posted on all your findings as you educate yourself.