Monday, November 23, 2009

The Life we lately live

Where do I start? 

I stopped paying for my photography website, C. Bowie Photography, due to the fact I was too busy.

I changed jobs a day before the teachers were set to report back to work this past August.

Becca started playing soccer again.  This puts 2 girls on the soccer field so I attend practice Tues - Thursday from 5:00 - 8:00. Plus 2 games on Saturday.

The dog throws up and still is dumber than the keyboard.

Did I mention I don't have time to take pictures?  Much less, maintain a blog.

The old blog linked to the C. Bowie Photography website it missed.  I still have hundreds of followers sending me emails.  I have to admit, I miss it. 

I have decided to just have a blog based on the life and fun my family and I experience.  I'll mix in photographs from some of the jobs I still shoot on the side, my job at work is SO different, and the fact my wife, Trena, is about to complete her 1st Children's Book!!  She is so pumped.  Visit the new blog I just help her get started.

As we go, I'll try and catch everyone up to speed.  But, first I need to find all my followers!!  HELLOOOO?

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